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GENERAL CONDITIONS /Valid from 01.01.2019/



1.1. You may make a reservation at the Trakiets complex in one of the following manners:

1.2. When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you provided, with a description of the type and number of reserved rooms, number of adults and children, number of nights’ lodgings, together with a bank account and the amount you have to transfer to guarantee your reservation.
1.3. With the declared and confirmed reservation at Trakiets Complex, the client enters into contractual relations with Trakiets “EOOD Sports Complex and accepts these general terms and conditions.
1.4. All reservations and accommodations at Trakiets Complex are made in accordance with the conditions of the requested and confirmed reservation request, which are part of the contract concluded between the parties.



2.1. You may cancel a reservation made by calling  0889 087 887

  • Cancelations, reservation amendments and non-appearance:
    More than 7 days since the arrival date – 0% of room value;
  • Between the 7th and up to one day before arrival – 50% of room value;
  • Cancelation on the day or non-appearance is paid – 100 % of room value.

2.5. For wedding ceremonies and conferences conduct individual offers are prepared.



3.1. Accommodation takes place in accordance with the conditions and hours stated in the requested and confirmed reservation request. Reservations are kept until 24:00 o’clock on the respective day of arrival
3.2. Rooms are vacated until 12:00 o’clock if no other hour is agreed between the parties. In case the room is vacated later, a default paymen is due, as follows:

  1. in case of delay a default payment amounting to 50% of night’s lodging value is due.
    2. in case of delay after 18:00 o’clock a payment amounting to 100 (one hundred)% of night’s lodging value is due.

3.3. Children up to 2 years old are accommodated free of charge.
3.4. Pets are accommodated against additional payment.
3.5. Smoking is prohibited in all internal parts of Trakiets complex.
3.6. Accommodation at the hotel is done by presenting personal documents certifying the identity of the clients and self-signed filled in declarations. The data provided by the client are protected under the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and are processed only in connection with the purpose of this contract.



4.1. Prices for accommodation at Trakiets complex are specified in the website.
4.2. The prices are in BGN with VAT and tourist tax included.



5.1. In cash when the reservation is stated on site at the hotel.
5.2. With a debit or a credit card.
5.3 Via bank transfer



6.1. The Trakiets Complex is obliged to provide hotel guests with the services requested and paid by them in their full amount.
6.3. The expenses for additional services may be included in the reservation price or paid in addition.
6.4. Sums for services that have been requested by not used in full or partially by the fault of hotel guests will not be reimbursed.
6.6. Hotel guests are required to adhere to generally accepted standards of good behaviour during their stay at the hotel and to maintain and protect public order. Hotel guests are responsible for any damage caused as a result of damaged and/ or missing property to the furnishings or equipment in the premises used by them and owned by the hotel base caused during their stay. All costs of the property damage incurred by the hotel will be paid by the persons who caused them at market prices after an invoice has been provided.
6.7. In the case of any lost / forgotten items found by the guests, they should contact Trakiets complex by email in a short time and inform the employees about the loss with a description of each of the items: type, brand, size, colour and other personalizing marks, as well as a description of any relevant facts and circumstances. Hotel staff will assist guests if there are any forgotten items
6.8. The hotel shall not be responsible for any items lost, forgotten or stolen from rooms, restaurants or swimming pool, as well as for any damages caused by third parties.
6.9. The hotel shall not be responsible for any damages caused to guests by the actions of third persons.
6.10. Hotel guests are required not to leave their children unattended on hotel territory. The hotel will not be responsible for any persons under 18 who are left unattended.
6.11. Parking-lots near the Trakiets Complex are not safeguarded by physical guard and the hotel will not be responsible for any damages caused to the motor vehicles. The guests are informed about the video surveillance of the parking lots of the Trakiets Complex near the hotel part, in order to ensure the safety and security of the hotel guests within 24 hours.