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Facilities and horse boarding-house

The equestrian centre is created with the idea to become a place that offers excellent conditions to both amateurs and equestrian sports professionals. It was built in 2012 on 25 decares area along the Tikla River. It has another 130 decares of pastures, paddocks and meadows.


Trakiets equestrian centre

The equestrian centre has three riding grounds - two outdoor maneges: 45-72 m central manege, 50-30 m training manege and 25-40 m indoor manege for year-round riding. A hotel part with a restaurant attached to the equestrian centre is built for the convenience of riders, coaches and spectators.

The spacious stable has 36 boxes, each of them equipped with rubber flooring, an automatic watering trough and a camera, at the will of the tenant. Innovative materials and technology by the leading German Pro Equus company have been used so the facilities in the centre meet the best European standards.

Realizing the importance of the floorings, we have secured a high class of textile fibers and silicon granule. This makes it elastic, which is important for greater stability during horse movement. It does not act abrasionally on the hooves and protects the joints and tendons of the animals. There is also a special drainage and sewerage system that prevents the formation of puddles or rot, which in turn is a prerequisite for the development of microorganisms that may infect or make horses ill.

Horse boarding-house

Trakiets equestrian centre

The equestrian centre also has a horse boarding-house. The spacious and light stable is designed to maintain optimal microclimate with constant access to fresh air. It has 36 boxes of 12 square meters in size. It has a multifunctional elastic flooring that prevents dust from retaining, has heat-insulating properties and is friendly for horses’ hooves, joints and tendons.

Each box has two windows, both inside and outside, as well as automatic water troughs. The whole stable is under constant video surveillance. There is a possibility for individual observation of each box. There are also two bathrooms, a room for ammo and a veterinary clinic. Horse owners can rely on the professional care of experienced caregivers and veterinarians around the clock.