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Classic massage

The classic massage has a beneficial effect, eliminating the accumulated fatigue. It strengthens blood circulation, improves the lymphatic system and the activity of the nervous system.

50 min./BGN 50


Whole body massage with essential natural oil by your choice with soothing, antiseptic and antibacterial effect.

50 min./BGN 55

Toning magic

Feel the beneficial properties of your favourite drink – the coffee. It has extremely good antibacterial action. With the help of a coffee peel, skin becomes beautiful, soft and smooth.

50 min./BGN 60

Coconut delight

Natural coconut scrub does not irritate the skin, even if it is sensitive. After the peeling, a pleasant feeling of smoothness and softness is achieved. The procedure cleanses, nourishes, smoothes and lightens the skin.

50 min./BGN 60

Wine therapy with honey

Wine therapy relieves stress, prevents cellulite, releases toxins, removes fatigue, increases tone. In addition, honey hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.

50 min./BGN 65

Honey therapy

Whole body massage with pure honey. Normalizes the function of nerves and muscles, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, extracts toxins from the body.

50 min./BGN 65

Horse stamp

Full body healing deep (forcible) massage to improve blood circulation and boost oxygen circulation.

50 min. /BGN 75

Loving hands massage

Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage
It is one of the oldest types of massage. It is performed with warm oils in the rhythm of healing music. It is applied for purification, strengthening, treatment. The soft, but at the same time deep, impact of this massage treats the skin, muscles, links, joints. It restores the integrity of psycho-emotional and physiological processes in the body.

50 min. /BGN 75


Point massage of feet and hands. Pressure or massage stimulation on the feet treats or reduces diseases of individual organs, glands or body parts. This method is a great care for improving the overall condition of internal organs and the whole body. Reflexology stimulates body’s ability to self-heal.

25 min/BGN 30

Restorative therapy

Relaxing ritual with essential natural oil with restorative and soothing abilities after riding.

25 min/BGN 30

Relaxing anti-stress massage

Mild relaxing massage with anti-stress effect that regulates the flow of energy in the body and eliminates tension in senses and muscles.

50 min/BGN 55

Children massage

Massage for children with chocolate oil, in compliance with their desire.

15 min/BGN 15

Working time:

10:00 o’clock – 20:00 o’clock
You may register your massage hour at the reception or at
tel. +032 39 30 32, +359 889 087 887