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Sport calendar

Trakiets equestrian centre hosts many national hurdle jumping tournament. It is organized open hurdle jumping tournament every year. In 2015, the FAI Challenge Finals is held, featuring young riders from different countries with Bulgarian horses. In 2019, Trakiets equestrian centre hosts the the Young Riders Academy, which helps develop young athletes with potential. This event is also the first camp of this kind in Europe.

What is next

In the beginning of 2019 Trakiets complex hosted:


Winners in April 2019:

  • Angel Nyagolov with the horse Chikogato, one of the national competitors in men.
  • Ivana Angelova with Inkaleli, also a part of the national team for children.
  • Tsveti Kamenova with Korida, in amateurs.
  • Nikol Koseva with Cuintino, in adolescents.

Winners – Group B:

  • 1st place – Ivaylo Bonev with Аmazing 27
  • 2nd place – Niya Stoimenova with Cisco Du Shet
  • 3rd place – Ivailo Boonev with Abart

Winners in  T class:

  • 1st place – Ivaylo Bonev with Count Ebony
  • 2nd place – Andrey Gotchev with Balofina
  • 3rd place – Anton Datsinski with Bambi

Forthcoming events in 2019 at Trakiets complex:

Additional categories:

  • The best child on the tournament /winner for 2018: Aya Miteva with Caro As/
  • The best adolescent on the tournament /winner for 2018: Elena Borisova with Kukubenedithuanmarinesramires/
  • The best amateur on the tournament /winner for 2018: Ivayla Kamenova with Korida/
  • The best 4-year horse / winner for 2018: Svetlozar Slavchev with Kapriz/
  • The best 5-year horse / winner for 2018: Dimitar Kamburov with Darma/
  • The best 6-year horse / winner for 2018: Angel Nyagolov with Mozart van Heike/
  • The best competitor on the tournament and winner of the Zhitnitsa coup prize /winner for 2018: Ivaylo Bonev with Dendens/

Winners in 2018:


In 4-year-old horses, with hurdle height up to 105 cm.:

  • Asparuh Atanasov with Cucaracha
  • Svetlozar Slavchev with Kapriz
  • Ivaylo Bonev with Je sui Speciale

In 5-year-old horses, with hurdle height up to 120 cm:

  • Daniel Manev with Dream Fly
  • Hristiyan Petrov with Leslie
  • Asparuh Atanasov with Vision of Grace

In 6-year-old horses, with hurdle height up to 130 cm:

  • Asparuh Atanasov with Happy
  • Vladimir Georgiev with Vera Bush
  • Plamen Radoslavov with Kasay

In 7-year-old horses, with hurdle height up to 135 cm:

  • Ivaylo Bonev with Nimbus
  • Svetlozar Slavchev with Chablis 24 Z
  • Nedko Gaydarov with Tallabeg Influence