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Sport calendar 2022

In 2022, Trakiets equestrian centre hosts two state championships in jumping and organizes three private tournaments in jumping. For several years in a row, Trakiets equestrian centre has been the organizer of an exhibition and testing for young horses.
In 2018 and 2019, Trakiets equestrian centre hosts the the Young Riders Academy, which helps develop young athletes with potential. This event is also the first camp of this type in Europe, which will be held again in 2022.
In 2015, the FAI Challenge Finals is held, featuring young riders from different countries with Bulgarian horses. In 2017, the Balkan Championships in show jumping
Balkan Jumping Championship is held, and in 2020 the Trakiets equestrian centre organized the Balkan Cup in the same discipline.

What is next

Forthcoming events in 2022 at Trakiets complex:


Until the end of 2022, Trakiets equestrian centre will also host:


Competition formula


Drawing of lots and after lunch break each competitor conducts a training session with the horse he has drawn (training session).

19:00 Official opening


Parkour according to table A without stopwatch


I qualification – parkour according to table A by stopwatch


II qualification – parkour according to table A by stopwatch


Small final – parkour according to table A by time trial with barrage

Grand finale – parkour A and parkour B”. The height of the parkours is up to 120 cm.

Winners in 2022:


Pony riders cat. B:

1. Anabel Staykova with Epona
2. Dalina Uzunova with Mary Poppins
3. Diana Tsvetkova with Plamenka

Pony riders cat. A:

1. Laura Cholakova with Olaf K
2. Lora Cholakova with Ven Wies Miss Montreal
3. Victoria Stefanova with Timoko

Young riders:

1. Ivana Angelova with Kasai
2. Aya Miteva with Cortesina
3. Milko Kochev with Karino


1. Maria Nikolova with Sweet Cocktail
2. Maria Krumova with Kavi
3. Sofia Petrova with Eddie Keep Cool


1. Petar Cholakov with Chu Chu
2. Deya Dimitrova with Karissima
3. Zlatolina Mukova with Liverpool


1. Desislava Milanova with Kazenta
2. Milko Kochev with Dunav
3. Eliza Cholakova with Elda Balu


Winners in 2021:

The best 4-year horses

1. Boyan Canev with Aspatuhka Atanasova
2. Denislav Aleksandrov with Diarado сson
3. Vasil Vasilev with Mercur

The best 5-year horses

1. Andrean Todorov with Morning Star 7
2. Iva Getova with Kaspar
3. Filip Velev with Lobi B

The best 6-year horses

1. Pavlin Angelov with Kaliopa
2. Milko Kochev with Dunav
3. Filip Velev with Karel N

The best 7-year horses

1. Vencislav Izov with Cazino in
2. Ivelin Valev with Jaguar
3. Anna Gocheva with Con Colanto